An experienced Mediator & Arbitrator – exceptional skills that are perfectly suited to reach resolutions

Mr. Cooper is an experienced Mediator and Arbitrator and brings to the process exceptional skills that are perfectly suited to help parties reach a resolution.

I have been before Mr. Cooper with clients who have always been impressed with his ability to listen and hear about their issues. I recommend him highly to those seeking a less adversarial solution to their domestic disputes.

Philip Epstein, Q.C.
Epstein Cole LLP

Greg brings years of experience and wisdom

Greg brings to his mediation arbitration practice years of experience and wisdom. He knows what it takes to get a deal done, and if they cannot then to let the parties have someone make a determination for them. I recommend him to anyone who wants a practical and efficient resolution to their case.

Harold Niman
Niman Zemans Gelgoot LLP

He understands the issues & appreciates the legal & factual nuances in each case

'I use Greg as a mediator and arbitrator often.

In mediation, clients are comfortable with him and always feel heard. His problem-solving skills work equally well whether clients have lawyers there or are on their own in the process. Greg treats everyone involved in the process with respect.

When arbitration is required, Greg ensures that the process moves along efficiently and quickly. He understands the issues and appreciates the legal and factual nuances in each case. Best of all, I believe that all of my clients would agree: whether or not Greg ultimately decided in their favour, he heard and understood their issues and their position....and throughout the arbitration, he was impeccably impartial and fair.'

Laurie H. Pawlitza
Treasurer, Law Society of Upper Canda

Impressed by his conduct of the cases. His decisions are well reasoned & delivered on a timely basis

My name is Anita Kain, and I have been practicing family law for 27 years.
Over the years, I have had many files with Greg Cooper as opposing counsel, and without exception he has always represented his clients with exceptional skill and the utmost integrity.

It was these qualities that drew me to Greg as a mediator/arbitrator for some of my cases.
In his capacity as a mediator, I find that, aside from his legal knowledge and skills, he has the ability to engage with the clients in a way that assures them that they are being heard and that their views and positions are understood by the mediator. This has resulted in very positive outcomes in terms of settlement in even some very difficult cases.

I have also had occasion to use Greg as an arbitrator and am equally impressed by his conduct of the cases, and find his decisions are well reasoned and delivered on a timely basis.

It is with the utmost confidence that I continue to recommend Greg to my clients as a mediator/arbitrator.

Anita T. Kain
Senior Family Lawyer, Mississauga

Thank You from a Mediation Client

"Thank you so much for your extraordinary effort in my mediation. i had given up all hope that a provision for [our 3 children] was possible. God knows how you did it - but you achieved it! Thank you for your patience and effort. I appreciate the time I had to get my head & heart around the divorce. You did an amazing job... and I am deeply grateful."