Cooper ADR ♦ Mediation And Arbitration

Increasingly, legal professionals and separating couples are choosing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) over court to resolve disputes. For family law, ADR can be particularly effective — it is flexible, private and allows people to create the solutions that are right for them. Greg Cooper of Cooper ADR in Toronto is at the forefront of the movement toward ADR services, and may be the right mediator/arbitrator for you.

Why Choose Cooper ADR?

Cooper ADR offers many benefits to people considering mediation or arbitration in their family law case. These benefits include:

  • Experience with ADR: Greg was one of the first Toronto lawyers to adopt ADR as a central focus of his professional practice. More than 25 years ago, Greg and legal colleagues created "Resolutions Inc.," dedicated to helping people resolve family disputes outside of court.
  • Legal knowledge: Greg has maintained a traditional legal practice — including courtroom family work — for more than 40 years in Ontario. He can therefore speak with authority about the benefits of ADR, since he has worked within the court system. As a lawyer, Greg also knows the law, and makes recommendations to clients based on his courtroom experience.
  • Respect: Greg is known for his personal attributes — placid demeanour, wise counsel and attentiveness — that contribute to his success at facilitating agreement. When parties conclude an ADR process with Greg, they leave feeling they have been treated with dignity and respect.
  • High-asset division focus: Greg's family law disputes frequently include divorcing couples with substantial financial assets. He is able to help these couples to find common ground in negotiations that result in the successful division of business and personal assets.

Greg is a trusted facilitator for disputes involving common law spouses, same-sex couples and married couples seeking.

To learn more, contact Cooper ADR at 416-346-5675 in Toronto or contact the practice online.