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Spousal support, also known as alimony outside of Canada, is often a sensitive subject in divorce negotiations. A spouse does not, as a matter of law, have an automatic right to financial support. In ADR, however, support can be negotiated in conjunction with other economic issues a couple must address. Greg Cooper, mediator/arbitrator at Cooper ADR, is particularly adept at settling economic issues between spouses, including support and complex asset division.

Options For Financial Negotiations In ADR

In Ontario, courts make reference to the spousal support advisory guidelines when imposing a settlement on parties. These guidelines are not mandatory, but they are highly regarded. Among the issues a court looks at are the length of the relationship and whether one spouse will suffer hardship if support is not received.

In ADR, spouses can come to their own decisions about support. Creative solutions are possible — support can be paid as one lump sum, or in declining amounts over a set period of time, or cease upon certain trigger factors such as the remarriage of the receiving spouse. Often, spousal support is analyzed taking into account other factors, including the couple's net family property and the financial status of both spouses when divorce is finalized.

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Greg Cooper is a respected family lawyer, mediator and arbitrator. He is an effective facilitator for discussions of personal, emotionally sensitive and crucial issues at the centre of divorce. When Greg suggests routes to resolution, he does so on the basis of more than four decades of experience as an Ontario lawyer — and more than 20 years as a family law mediator/arbitrator.

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