Toronto Lawyer ♦ Offering Mediation/Arbitration For Separation Agreements

Separation agreements resolve all of the issues related to divorce — or relationship dissolution in the case of common law couples. The goal of mediation is to negotiate the terms of a separation; and if this is not resolved through mediation, arbitration can impose a settlement the couple must adhere to. At Cooper ADR, mediator/arbitrator Greg Cooper facilitates effective ADR processes that result in comprehensive separation agreements that are sensible and workable.

Terms Of Separation Agreements

Separation agreements contain several key provisions, which in Ontario may include details regarding:

  • Asset division: including transfer of asset value between spouses, as a result of negotiations regarding family and business assets.
  • Child support: including amount and schedule of payment, establishment of trusts, lump sum or periodic payments.
  • Spousal support: including entitlement, amount and nature of payment (for example as a lump sum, periodic or a combination of the two). It can also establish when spousal support will cease — upon what conditions or after what period of time.
  • Child custody: including where children reside and how much access — and on what schedule — is provided to the other parent. It can also outline how decisions are made about the children's health care, schooling and other issues of primary importance.

Couples may have other issues they wish to resolve within the context of a separation agreement, that go beyond these four areas.

Role Played By Cooper ADR

Greg Cooper, as a respected facilitator, helps couples to reach consensus on the key points of separation. When this is achieved through mediation, Greg can further mediate on disputes over the wording of the agreement, as drafted by the parties' lawyers. As an arbitrator, Greg sets the final terms of separation which the parties must accept.

Lawyer Offering Arbitration In Mississauga And Greater Toronto

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