Toronto Lawyer ♦ Mediation/Arbitration For Complex Asset And Property Division

A married couple can have a wide range of shared financial interests during the course of their relationship. When divorce is contemplated, a fair division of those interests should occur. A couple can choose to settle their finances out of court, in mediation or arbitration, where a neutral third party helps them to arrive at a comprehensive plan for financial separation. Greg Cooper, a mediator/arbitrator at Cooper ADR in Toronto, has extensive experience with high-asset and complex property division. His knowledge can help you to come to a satisfactory agreement with your spouse.

Coming To Agreement On Financial Issues In Divorce

Over his substantial time as an ADR practitioner, Greg Cooper has assisted clients to negotiate high-asset property division in cases where:

  • Spouses are co-owners or stakeholders in a business
  • Spouses have substantial retirement savings
  • Spouses have investments in volatile vehicles that fluctuate in value
  • Spouses have several properties, including the matrimonial home, cottages and vacation properties

Although the law in Ontario sets out a regime of equalization of net family property, couples can agree to split their assets differently in an out-of-court process. Overall, parties to mediation or arbitration can choose solutions that a judge would never have the authority to order.

Greg Cooper's experience with high-asset couples makes him a clear choice for those who seek a private and effective process — where their personal views are heard, and the facilitator has a full understanding of what's at stake.

Serving Greater Toronto And Mississauga ♦ Lawyer Offering Asset Division ADR

Asset division is often decided in ADR alongside other important issues such as spousal support and child custody. To learn more, contact Cooper ADR at 416-346-5675 in Toronto or contact the practice online.