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Asset division is a central part of divorce. It is also a significant source of confusion for many separating couples. Ontario law impacts how courts decide on property division when marriages are dissolved. In alternative dispute resolution, however, couples have the freedom to deviate from legislative guidelines and come to their own agreements about property.

Greg Cooper, a Toronto family lawyer offering property division mediation and arbitration at Cooper ADR, is experienced with high-asset divorce. Greg's specific knowledge and experience is of benefit to couples whose financial issues are complex and the terms of settlement have significant impact on each spouse's financial standing.

Reasonable Solutions For Financial Division In Divorce

When couples separate, they have many financial assets that usually form part of a divorce negotiation. Complex asset and property division can involve retirement assets such as pensions and RRSPs, household effects, real property and land, stocks and other investments. Business assets, particularly when both spouses are stakeholders in the enterprise, can also be a significant issue to be resolved.

Greg Cooper helps parties achieve agreement on how these assets, or their monetary value, should be divided. In mediation, Greg is an active listener to both sides and guides the parties toward consensus. Although Greg's role in ADR is impartial, he can provide information to both sides on relevant issues, such as the equalization of net family property regime in Ontario and whether it plays any role in a mediation or arbitration process.

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Greg Cooper has been a family lawyer in Ontario for more than 40 years. He has been an active mediator and arbitrator for the past two decades and is among the pioneers of this profession in Toronto. To learn more, contact Cooper ADR at 416-346-5675 in Toronto or contact the practice online.