Do I Need a Lawyer For Divorce Mediation Or Arbitration?

Lawyers often play an important role in any process that results in a legal agreement — such as mediation or arbitration. However, mediation is often successful even when parties are not represented by counsel. Greg Cooper often conducts effective mediation with unrepresented people, but strongly recommends that parties in arbitration have lawyers. When you contact Cooper ADR in Toronto, Greg can discuss with you your options for an ADR resolution to your family law issues.

When A Lawyer Is Recommended

Arbitration is a more formal process than mediation. Since the arbitrator imposes a final settlement on the parties, they should each be represented by their own lawyers. At Cooper ADR, however, most couples start off with mediation — and more often than not reach an agreement on their own. Although a lawyer should review the final terms of any settlement arrived at in mediation, negotiations do not need to be attended by counsel, except by the participant's own choosing.

Greg Cooper has been a practicing Ontario family lawyer for more than four decades. Although Greg must remain neutral while conducting mediation or arbitration, parties can rest assured they are receiving appropriate guidance from someone with extensive knowledge of, and experience with, the law. Greg was also among the first group of Toronto lawyers to offer alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options more than 20 years ago.

Toronto Family Lawyer ♦ Offering Separation Agreement Mediation And Arbitration

ADR is frequently more cost-effective than traditional litigation. It can also preserve amicability between former couples post divorce or separation. To learn more, contact Cooper ADR at 416-346-5675 in Toronto or contact the practice online. Greg Cooper is a Toronto lawyer offering divorce mediation and arbitration services in a neutral, third-party capacity.