Family Law And Your ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Options

If you are engaged in a family law dispute in Ontario, you have options other than going to court. ADR — short for alternative dispute resolution — is a collection of processes that are quicker, cheaper and can be equally as effective as trial. Cooper ADR is a Toronto practice run by lawyer Greg Cooper, whose work as a mediator and arbitrator is respected by colleagues and former clients alike. Whether you are already engaged in a court process — and want to leave it — or are seeking options to resolve a new family law issue, ADR may be right for you.

Benefits Of ADR To Resolve Family Law Disputes

In general, the court system is ill-equipped to handle family law disputes. Family law issues — such as child custody, spousal support, property division and other divorce-related issues — tend to be emotional and deeply personal. The court process is designed to be adversarial and can exacerbate conflict between family members, co-parents and others who may have to continue to communicate with one another long after the court process is over.

ADR is private, and tailored to the specific needs of the parties involved. Spouses who choose ADR to agree on the terms of a separation agreement are largely in control of the process. They not only have the opportunity to negotiate, but can choose their facilitator. When parties go to court, they cannot choose their judge — and may discover their case will be dealt with by several judges over a series of appearances. In ADR, your issues are decided by one person — and you decide the role he or she plays.

Toronto Lawyer For Family Law ADR Services

Greg Cooper is a respected family law mediator and arbitrator. Greg is known for his patient, calm demeanour and superb communication skills — all vital characteristics of a successful ADR practitioner. When you contact Cooper ADR, Greg can help you to understand the difference between mediation and arbitration and give you information to help you decide whether or not you will need a lawyer when engaged in ADR.

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