Toronto Lawyer ♦ Offering Mediation/Arbitration For Common Law Spouses

Common law spouses are subject to different law than married couples when they choose to separate. Specifically, Ontario legislation regarding property division does not apply to those who are leaving a common law relationship. For married and common law spouses alike, mediation or arbitration can provide the flexibility needed to come to acceptable agreements on separation — and prevent a protracted court process.

Greg Cooper at Toronto's Cooper ADR is an experienced family lawyer who has devoted the past 20 years to significant work as a mediator/arbitrator, acting as facilitator to married and common law couples alike.

Issues In Common Law Separation

As with married couples, the goal for a mediation/arbitration process with common law couples is to help them reach a separation agreement — one that will effectively resolve their issues with respect to property, child custody, visitation and child support. This separation agreement is binding on both spouses — and can be enforced by a court if necessary.

Even when parents are unmarried, they are subject to the same laws surrounding child support and spousal support that married parents are — although these may be varied somewhat by agreement in an ADR process. Greg Cooper can use his knowledge as an ADR practitioner to provide you with objective information on the dispute resolution process options available to you. During negotiations, he is an informed and sensitive facilitator, committed to hearing the full scope of each spouse's concerns and steering them toward consensus.

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