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By law in Ontario, there is a fixed amount of child support that a non-custodial parent must pay. However, during an ADR process, parents can negotiate flexible agreements regarding child support — allowing them to create amicable arrangements that ensure children are cared for and support is sustainable. Greg Cooper at Cooper ADR in Toronto is a seasoned family lawyer with more than four decades in legal practice. Over the past two decades as a mediator/arbitrator, he has helped many parents achieve creative resolutions on child support.

Caring For Children After Separation

Child support must be paid whether parents are married or living common law. The child support guidelines, established in law, set out an amount based on the income of the paying parent and the number of children that must be supported. In mediation, however, when parents are resolving a number of issues — including co-parenting, time-sharing and asset division — they can choose a variety of options with regards to child support. This can include lump sum payments and the establishment of financial trusts.

This flexibility is not available during a court process. It is one reason why choosing mediation or arbitration is preferable to parents, who want to make unique choices of how to provide for their children. Greg Cooper has the legal knowledge to recommend courses of action that meet the desires of everyone involved in a mediation process, while remaining a neutral facilitator in proceedings.

Serving Greater Toronto And Mississauga ♦ Lawyer Offering Child Support Modifications ADR

Custody and support issues may have to be revisited as children grow older. ADR allows parents to make provisions for later processes to resolve disputes when they come up — in a way that is private, time-sensitive and economical; in particular when compared to court.

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