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Custody and visitation are emotional issues during divorce. In reality, this refers simply to where children will be at a given time, and how decisions will be made on their behalf. Greg Cooper chooses to use terms such as co-parenting and time-sharing, which are usually more accurate depictions of what the issues are. Cooper ADR helps Toronto parents to establish co-parenting arrangements at the time of separation and on an ongoing basis; so as children grow older, the process of negotiation grows along with them.

Using ADR To Negotiate Custody And Access

Time-sharing and co-parenting are sensitive issues for parents, who often want an active role in the lives of their children. When separating parents cannot agree about certain issues — such as schooling, religion or medical care — it is possible in ADR to agree about a resolution process. In essence, parents can agree to a method by which decisions will be made when they arise in a child's life. Among the options are that parents agree to return to mediation or arbitration.

Commonly, a schedule for visitation and physical custody of children forms part of a couple's separation agreement. Regardless of whether a couple was legally married or living common law, decisions about children are a fundamental part of the terms of their relationship dissolution. The flexibility afforded by ADR — when compared with the adversarial and formal nature of court — is one reason why this kind of a forum is preferred by parents when they are making choices that directly affect their children's well-being.

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